Girls White and Pink Light Weight Organic Cotton Blend Smart Short Sleeved Selvedge Trimmed Blouse

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Girls Fashion Blouse from our Mottainai Collection.  Our kids short sleeve selvedge trimmed blouse is not only your warm weather staple, but packs like a dream! 

We have not had to iron a blouse yet!

The only blouse you need to pair with every pant, short and skirt.

Or wear it open over a strappy dress for added cool.

The Organic Project has a similar view and practice to Mottainai 


(mot/tai/nai) means “don’t

waste” or “every little thing

has a soul”. It is inspired by

the Japanese tradition that

every object has a should and

should never be wasted.

For this particular collection, we chose the perfect fabric for the collection called Respectrum—known for its super soft and fade resistant personality during washes.

It is made up of recycled plastic bottles (60% recycled polyester) and is dyed without the use of water, as the color is added directly via colored threads during the looming process.

Details: Selvedge Trimmed Short Sleeve Blouse


Respectrum Polyester (52% Cotton; 48% Recycled Polyester)

White; Azalea Pink 2 4 6 8 10



We use the perfect fabric for our Mottainai collection. It's fade resistant ,ultra soft, made up of recycled plastic bottles and dyed without the use of water. Using discarded pieces of fabric as trims and embellishments ,each specially created style is constructed with minimal burden on the environment. Implementing sustainable practices of reducing, reusing, and recycling - that never goes out of style.

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