(mot/tai/nai) means “don’t

waste” or “every little thing

has a soul”. It is inspired by

the Japanese tradition that

every object has a should and

should never be wasted.

 Our Collection

The Organic Project has a similar view and practice to Mottainai.

We choose the perfect fabric for the collection called Respectrum—known for its super

soft and fade resistant personality during washes and made up of recycled plastic bottles.

(60% recycled polyester) It is dyed without the use of water, and compiled of 60% recycled

polyester. Pigment is added during the plastic recycling process, as it is essentially dyed

with out the use of water. I think this fabric is Amazing.

We try to bring value back to the pieces of fabric that

would normally discarded in the manufacturing process

and end up as a burden on the environment. The selvedge,

the small odds and ends that are left after the patterns are

cut, and will find a use for even the smallest scrap, whether

its to cover a button or a belt buckle. Essentially we

implement the sustainable practices of Reducing,

Reusing, Recycling and of course, all with Respect.